Monday, September 20, 2010

The only reason I am documenting this all, is because I know there will be a time, hopefully in the near future, where I will call Leslie up and say "you are never going to believe what happened!" ...and this is how I will remember the details.

Today I got a horrific phone call. My dad called while I was on my way to get Ethan from school. He was crying and he said "your sister had a seizure at work today and they had to do CPR." I stopped my car in the middle of the road and all I remember was loudly saying "What?? Wait, what?? WHO did this happen to?" then I hung up and the tears started. My initial reaction was "I have to get to my sister."

No one really knows at this point the background of what happened, but all we know is she had a seizure at school. When EMS came, she was not breathing and she had no pulse. CPR was performed and they were able to shock her heart back into a normal rhythm. She was rushed to Henry Ford ER in Brownstown where they ventilated her.

By the time I got to the ER, my parents and George were already there. No one had seen her yet, but the doctor had told us pretty much what we already knew. They eventually let us go back and see her, two at a time. She was completely unconscious. It was such a horrible sight. They made arrangements for her to go to Henry Ford Main in Detroit. George rode in the ambulance, and my parents and I all went home to regroup and go back up.

When we got to Main, George was in the waiting room so we sat with him. No one had seen her yet since she got there. The doctor called us back and was asking us some questions about her medical history. He said they aren't sure what is going on, so they are basically starting with blank slate and addressing every possibility of what is going on.

We got back to see her. She seemed very comfortable, but whenever she was touched or moved, she would have a seizure. It basically looked like she was shivering for a few seconds. It was happening very often, so we were advised not to touch her. I asked why she wasn't having these little seizures at the ER, and they said it was because she was getting IV seizure medication and they had turned it off to see how she would respond. This was how she was responding. She was back on it, but she was still having the seizures. She was also getting IV ativan as needed. At that point she was up to 10mg of Ativan and was still seizing.

The doctor came back in and was asking more questions. They said for a healthy 29 year old to be having this issue, with no previous history, and for her heart to have actually have stopped, they were baffled as to what was causing it. A neurologist is on board, along with a cardiologist. They said because her heart stopped, they are wondering if maybe a cardiac issue caused her to collapse, and the lack of oxygen from not breathing caused the seizure, but her EKG at this point is normal, other than showing tachycardia (fast heart rate). Her troponins (a lab that looks for cardiac damage) were slightly elevated, but nothing to be TOO alarmed about, but they were also taking that into consideration.

The fact that she is continually having seizures also doesn't make sense to the doctors. For her to have no history, and then all of a sudden have a massive seizure and continuous small seizures doesn't really make sense. They did a chest x-ray which was okay, and they did a head cat scan which was okay.

So right now, we have absolutely NO answers. She is very sedated and nonresponsive. She is still on the ventilator and as of right now, there is no plan to take her off. When we left tonight, she had stopped the smaller seizures, so I was holding her hand and rubbing her hair.

I can't believe this is happening. It is so terrifying. I keep reminding myself that had she been alone when this happened, she would be gone. That is sickening.

I don't know what the future will be like for her. No one knows right now. The idea of her not being here is just inconceivable, so we aren't even going there.

We are just asking for a lot of prayers, because as of right now, that is all the hope we've really got.

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