Friday, January 30, 2009

Almost to the second trimester!

I have had every intention of blogging my way through this pregnancy, but it just isn't happening! This pregnancy has been such a 180 from my pregnancy with Ethan, it is unbelievable. And I wish I had known how good I had it throughout Ethan's pregnancy. The nausea is 24/7. I have a prescription for Zofran, and I do use it, but it doesn't always work. Since I have had it not work, I try to use it sparingly. I am also so tired. I seriously could sleep 12 hours at night, and take several naps throughout the day. I am PRAYING that this fades in my second trimester.

Speaking of... I am 9 weeks! It seems to be going by REALLY fast. On Monday I have an ultrasound and I am really excited. I am taking Ethan with me and he is really curious to see how this will work. It's cute. I finally got my first trimester blood work done today. I actually procrastinated so long with it, my OB called me herself today to ask if I had done it yet and to get moving. With Ethan, every single thing she asked me to do, I did it that second. I apologized for waiting so long, but honestly, when you feel so sick all the time, the LAST thing you want is to get 4 tubes of blood taken.

That's all for now. I'm just going day by day. I think once this weather improves, my mood will also improve. There are so many things I want to do, but I just don't have the energy or motivation to do them.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A lesson on God, given by a 4 year old Wii obsessed boy:

Ethan: Momma? Does God ever get mad at me?
Me: No, of course not. He loves you.
Ethan: Well what about on level 4? Does God get mad at level 4?
Me: Uhhh....

Friday, January 23, 2009

OB appointment!!

So I had my first OB appointment this week. I am now 8 weeks pregnant. The appointment went well. I think I am a little bit too much in love with my doctor...I just think she is awesome. Anyhow, everything went well. She said everything looked good. She gave me a prescription for some Zofran, which is an anti-nausea medicine, because I still feel miserable every single day. It helps! It's a relief. She also wants me to have an early ultrasound. Normally she only does one ultrasound, which is around 16-20 weeks. She wants me to have an early one because of Ethan coming early. This way my due date will be confirmed. I'm really excited. It's scheduled for February 2 at 3:30. Other than that, nothing else to report until my next appointment on February 17!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So yes, I am pregnant! We are ridiculously happy. We tried for over a year. We had just gotten to the point where we didn't even consider it "trying" anymore and in March, I was due back at my OB to see what the heck was going on. Thank God it finally happened!

On Christmas Eve, I took a test. I really thought it would be cool to tell our families on Christmas Eve night, which is my favorite night of the year. Unfortunately, it was a big, fat negative. I was so sad by it, I couldn't even verbally tell Jay the results. I just shook my head.

Christmas morning rolls around and we do presents with Ethan. It was wonderful. I thought I'd try one more time, even though I was scolding myself mentally because I knew it would just make me sad on Christmas Day. I snuck off, took the test, and ta-da! It was positive. We were over the moon excited.

I am now almost 7 weeks. Now I know I had an easy pregnancy with Ethan. I think I had ONE day of sore boobs, about a weeks worth of morning sickness (and that is exactly what it was...MORNING sickness), and some sciatic nerve pain. The sciatic nerve pain was the worst, but again, I was working at a daycare so I was up and down the entire day and I don't think that helped. So other than the slight premature pregnancy, it was nothing too bad!

Now THIS time. Oh my Lord. Starting at 3 1/2 weeks and right up until now, I feel like someone punched me in the chest so freaking hard. My boobs HURT. And the morning sickness? HA! I have been so sick this past week, it has almost been unbearable. Since last Thursday, I have lost 5 pounds. Jay doesn't get it at all, so I told him to think of it like this: You know how when you get sick off a certain food and you never want to see that food ever again? Well EVERY SINGLE edible thing makes me feel that way. I go to bed feeling like crap, I wake up feeling like crap, and I feel like crap the entire day. I have found that if I eat small, frequent meals, it helps a lot, it's just really hard to find something to eat!

I honestly can't complain, though, because I am just so so so happy that I am finally pregnant. And deep down, the symptoms all help remind me that I am growing a little baby in me, and it never fails to make me smile. My first appointment is next week and I am so so so excited.

More to come later!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Insomnia at it's finest. Argh!

Random thoughts I had when I attempted to get to bed early:

- I need to pick up extra hours. I'm shooting for picking up 8 extra hours this week. We'll see.

-My New Year resolution? Get more organized. If there was an award for the most unorganized person ever, I would win, hands down.

-I still have that spa gift certificate! I am totally calling tomorrow to make an appointment

-We NEED to save money. But we also need a new mattress and those suckers are super expensive

-We also need a filing cabinet. Those aren't cheap, either.

-Should we stay in this house or should we put it back on the market? We'd lose money no doubt (helloooooo super expensive brand new kitchen with granite countertops), but we could also get an awesome deal on something BIG

-I'm thirsty