Thursday, September 30, 2010

So sorry for the very late update. I returned to work today and it was a 12 hour shift, so I never got a chance to get to a computer.

I didn't go visit Leslie today, which is the first day I have missed since this happened. It feels really weird to not go see her, but I know it's for the best.

I called and spoke with my mom about an hour ago and asked for an update so I could update you all. I know she passed her swallow evaluation, so now her diet is soft foods. We aren't allowed to bring her anything to eat right now just because they are strictly measuring her intake. She ate a great dinner, though!

They took her foley catheter out. It had been bothering her for a few days now, but I'm not so sure that was the best idea. She is nowhere near ready to walk herself to the bathroom. I say give her a break for maybe a day, then put it back in. Unfortunately for them, it's my turn to stay the night with her tomorrow, so I'm pretty sure that will be the case ;)

She sleeps very little now. Her restlessness has subsided a bit, which is good. She was a crazy lady for a few days! Her arms and legs were constantly moving. She is still very fidgety, but nothing like before.

She says some really funny, off the wall things. My mom put it best... 20% of what she says is correct. The other 80% we have no idea where she got it from. Like when she thought her husband's name was "Logical Erotical" and then she said her juice on her dinner tray tasted like moose and wet horse. When I asked her who I was yesterday, she said Willie Nelson. I have also been Sarah and Marcia. Willie Nelson is my personal fave, although it does nothing for my self esteem.

I know it's super funny to hear her say things like this. My family laughs all the time about it. It's even okay to laugh a little when she says it, but I also worry that she will think she's being made fun of, and we don't want that. It could cause her to regress and not talk. Like for instance, the nurses put her hair in two pigtails and when I walked in, I said "what did they do to your hair?" and she turned her head to the side and referred to me as "the girl who is making fun of her." That just about broke my heart. So it's fine to laugh, just be sensitive to the fact that she is trying and she is still very confused and disoriented.

That's about all for tonight. Tomorrow I will be up there around 10PM and stay the entire night, so I hope to get in some good, thorough updates then.

In the meantime, keep the prayers coming! If you compare the Leslie from today to the Leslie a week ago, the difference is profound. We are miles and miles from where we want, but the fact that she is here, talking, eating, breathing, smiling, laughing, I could go on and on and a miracle.


Linda Ellis said...

I am so thankful she has come this far Good sign. You know you two girls were always my favorites at United. Take care Lara, your a terrific sister. Her whole family has great love for her and that is one giant step for her. Let me know when I can send her a card. I would like to copy a picture of her wedding or her dog and make a card, so if you ever have time, or if you cant ok, can you send one by email?

~Amber~ said...

She is in my constant thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura. My mom gave me your blog so I could follow it so I would know how things are going. You and your family our in our thoughts and prayers. I hope nothing more than the best for Leslie. How is George holding up?