Saturday, November 14, 2009

What a day!

Allison had her first ER trip. As a nurse, the thought of taking my sweet baby into an ER makes me shudder, but I became desperate and scared.

It actually started late this afternoon. She has always been a hard baby to burp, and occasionally she will get fussy and you just know her belly is hurting. But this time it wasn't immediately after she ate, so I was a little confused. I had taken her and Ethan on a walk. She was in the stroller and Ethan was riding his bike. We went to a little park and she was really enjoying herself. All of a sudden she started this awful, high pitched scream, and cried the entire way home. Normally when she does this, I know the tricks to comfort her. I will apply some pressure to her belly by laying her across my lap or I'll hold her against me tight. NOTHING was working. I had never heard her cry like that. I almost called for someone to come pick us up, but instead we walked home and by the time I got home, she was fine.

Later that evening I was at my parents house. Ethan was playing with my dad and my mom and I were sitting with Allison. She was laying on the couch being so content. All of a sudden she started the high pitched scream again and nothing we were doing was helping. And we tried it all. Then she vomited. It wasn't spit up. It was very thick. She did this 4 times and continued to scream. My mom and I debated on what to do, and eventually decided to go to the hospital.

She cried a lot when we first got there. Her heart rate was really high. We finally got her settled and the doctor came in. She is hoping it was just a really bad gas bubble, but she said it could also be a kink in her intestine that corrected itself. Since she was not showing any symptoms anymore, the doctor did not feel it was necessary to do an x-ray on her and expose her to radiation. Instead we were told to watch her and if it happens again, to bring her back immediately.

I am praying this was just a bad tummy. She came home and drank about 4 ounces of a bottle and she is resting. I will definitely be on high alert, though!

My poor baby :(

Friday, November 13, 2009

For the last many, many years, I have been 100% confident that I wanted 3 children. I was CERTAIN. Even the first few weeks after Allison was born, I still had that longing for just one more.

But then I slowly started changing. I just realized how complete I felt. Everyone knows how head over heels in love I am with Ethan. It's undeniable. I adore that boy. And I selfishly got him all to myself for just over 5 glorious years. When I found out I was pregnant with number 2, I was absolutely thrilled, but I kept thinking that I didn't want Ethan to feel left out. He was my BOY. My baby!

Then little miss Allison graced us with her presence. HER presence. I had a little girl! I was actually a a girl! I didn't think I would ever get a girl, for some reason. But there she was! In all her chubby glory. MY baby girl. I think I call her "mama's girl" more than I call her Allison.

It was then that it hit me. I had my boy. My only boy. And now I have my girl. My only girl. I feel so satisfied and my heart feels so full. They are MORE than I could ever imagine.

Now this is not to say that I might change my mind someday. In fact, I bet I do. There is just something about your kids getting bigger that make you want to do it "just one more time!" And if I were to get pregnant, I'd be shouting from the rooftops with happiness. I'm just saying that if this was it...if my family was complete... I would be 110% happy with that.