Thursday, September 23, 2010

The boot on her left foot is a soft care boot. It keeps her the skin on her heels from breaking down by keeping it off the bed. The boot on her right foot is to prevent foot drop, which is when the muscles in the feet get really floppy from laying down so much. They alternate the boots every 4 hours.

Her hands. The red light is the pulse ox that measures how good her oxygen level is. She has the IV in her hand but it is never used. It's just back up in case they need it. Her hands are a little swollen. Her fingers are the one thing she really doesn't move yet on her own, but I have been moving them for her so they stay flexible.

The mess of lines on the side of Leslie's bed. You can see her tube feeding pump and her IV pumps, and the white screen in the back is the ventilator. If you look close, you will see the picture we have of Leslie and her dog, Aggie taped to the pole.

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Jesi said...

Thank you for the continuous updates on your sister. My heart goes out to you and your family and friends. I'm hoping every day for continued progress by Leslie and I'm so happy to read your updates.
The strength and bravery you hold during this time is truly uplifting I think is helping Leslie a lot.
Leslie and I went to RHS together and, while we haven't been close in recent years, I have always valued knowing her. She is a great gift to the world and a wonderful person. She'll pull through this... she's got a lot more to do on this earth.
Continue to be strong for yourself, your family and Leslie.
Much love and well wishes your way.
Jessica (Ritton) Andrzejewski