Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh, Leslie. Sweet, sweet Leslie. You are doing so amazingly well!

Now myself, and I totally realize this blog is not about me and my feelings, but I didn't have a great day. I turned my cell phone on silent while Ethan was at school and Allison took her morning nap and I just laid there...feeling quite numb. After a few hours, I turned my phone back on and got to my usual duties of returning texts and calls.

While I was detaching myself from the moment, I got a text message from George saying the swallow evaluation was not successful. It wasn't that Leslie couldn't swallow, though. It was that she was refusing to open her mouth! The stinker. Thankfully, they did not put the NG tube in and they are going to retry the swallow evaluation. While I was there, I got her to take all of her pills and two additional cups of applesauce just fine. Maybe someone familiar to her needs to do it.

No other medical issues were brought to our attention. When the clots in her lungs and leg improve, she will be getting a cardiac cath done, an MRI for her brain, and the defibrillator placed. She will be getting aggressive heparin therapy for a least a week and we are only on day 2 I believe.

We are getting there. Her family feels optimistic. She has a long way to go, though, especially neurologically. I don't know how long it is going to take to get "our Leslie" back, but I see a little bit of her in there every so often. I feel very optimistic right now and I am so excited for my night shift which will be Friday. Sleepover!!

I love you so much, Les. Look how many people you have brought together?


Anonymous said...

It's OK to allow yourself to regroup, Laura. EVERYBODY needs some alone time, and that's what you did. Smart girl. - Jackie

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear there are plans in place for the MRI and defib! FINALLY!!!

Michael Lupo said...

Earlier this evening, I asked if she was going to stay up all night and have a pajama party and she said "No way dude!". She also agreed that she spent a semester in Spain when we mentioned it, she seemed to recognize Holly's name, and she Made a sad face and gave me a kiss when we said we were leaving.

Little Mama said...

It feels like Leslie has given us all permission to love again in a time when so many of us have lost the true meaning of love and sadly replaced it with greed, through the fingers of her loving sister Laura.

Thanks Laura,


Anonymous said...

Every time I read these comments, it brings tears to my eyes, but they are happy tears. Leslie has always had a way of reaching out to people whether they are infants or senior citizens. It is so nice to see her friends, and in some case total strangers are now reaching out to her. We all love you Leslie!


Linda Ellis said...

Laura, it is normal for your body to want to rest, so when you can, do. I hope your Mom is too. Sounds like our Les is coming along. It will take time, but it is surprising what changes happen once she starts coming back to us. I feel optimistic and continue to pray for her and all your family.

Anonymous said...

Laura...Leslie is so blessed to have such a supportive, optimistic and caring sister like you. I have your whole family in my prayers.

Love Always,
Andrea Novak (madien name-Dotson)