Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am working the night shift tonight. I got here around 10, but Leslie had company, so I just sat to the side to let them visit. Around 11, she started to stir a little bit, so I did what I always do... got inches from her face and said "Leslie! Leslie! It's Laura!" ...only this time instead of no response, she turned towards my voice and opened her eyes a little bit! It was very encouraging. She is now back to sleep, but she has stirred a few more times since then, and I can usually get her to respond to my voice, even if it's just a slight raise of her eye brows, it makes me think it's her way of letting me know she hears me.
I have now been here about 2 hours, and I have done a full set of range of motion exercises on her (moved all her extremities around), which, might I add, I think she is getting a little bit stiff, so I need to mention it to her nurses. I don't see any harm in her having physical therapy while she's in bed to keep her muscles decent. I have also rubbed her back for her, which I am thinking she liked, just because she always has before.
That's about all for now!

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