Sunday, September 26, 2010

These pictures were all before Wednesday, when she was still on the vent. She looks pretty much the same now, except no tube in her mouth. Tomorrow it is my mission to take one with her pretty green eyes open.


tinleydaniel said...


I just wanted to send some encouragement your family's way. Just last year at this same time my 32 year old cousin was diagnosed with encephalitis; it was the worst case of it. We were back and forth between ICU, RIM, and a nursing home for months. My cousin went from not being able to talk, walk or even feed herself to being able to eventually go back to work. Even though that is not what Leslie has, just know; this may be where she is at this moment, but with the love and encouragement of family and friends it won't be where she stays.

Marti said...

I, too would like to offer encouragement through an event that happened in my family. Many years ago, my sister-in-law was in a horrific car accident. She had a closed head injury in the accident and could not talk, walk, eat, or anything. Eventually, she began to talk a little, but it was garbled and mostly nonsense. Over time (and I won't lie, it was a long time) she "came back" very, very slowly. She has had a business of her own sewing for people for years now, drives and leads a more "normal" life than many people do. There were times we never thought she could or would recover, but prayers and perserverence WORKED. It will work for your family, too. God bless all of you. I pray for you every day.

Anonymous said...

Laura and family, we too continue to pray as well as everyone I possibly know that Prays. Kristen is arriving home later today from her honeymoon and our prayer is that Leslie is whole and strong and as beautiful as she was just 2 short weeks ago....soon.We will not give up hope!!!We are praying for more than just Leslie...we pray for strength for all of you. If I can do anything....don't hesitate to ask please. Know you are not alone. Jeanne and Greg