Friday, February 24, 2012

Pulse 155

Urgency: 1 - Resuscitation

Patient is comatose, ill appearing

Left pupil sluggish; right pupil sluggish

Patient is status post cardiac arrest and seizure.  On life support.  Treated for status epilepticus, Dilantin and benzodiazipines plus Propofol.  At risk of anoxic encephalopathy secondary to cardiac arrest.  Guarded prognosis.  Patient is unstable.

Per EMS found patient in cardiac arrest, began CPR, rhythm changed to v-fib, patient shocked x2.  Upon arrival to ER patient found to be in sinus tachycardia at 150.

On 09/20/10 at 1355 Brownstown Township Fire dispatched; went en route at 1356 and arrived on scene at 1401 with lights and sirens.

The patient was a 29 year old female found lying on classroom floor behind desk with CPR in progress by school staff; epinephrine, atropine, narcan given IVP.

1408 cardiac monitor showed asystole

1411 cardiac monitor showed ventricular fibrillation

1413 cardiac monitor showed no pulse


I wish I could say these were made up.  I wish I could say it was my own interpretation of what MAY have happened.  But I can't.  These are notes, verbatim, from the day my sister collapsed.

I say it 1,000,000,000 times and now I will make it 1,000,000,001.  She is a miracle.

How on EARTH did she survive this?

To the staff at Brownstown Middle School and the EMS workers for Brownstown Township, do not think for one single moment that I do not thank God for each of you every single day.  And I will continue to thank God for you until the day I die. 

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