Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let me preface this by saying that Ethan and I are really, really close.  We always have been.  I have always felt like I have a very special bond with him.  I get sad when I see him struggle with anxiety, because I know he is getting it from me, but he started suffering from it at a much younger age, but I also think that is part of the reason as to why we are SO close.

Anyhow, with that being said, he gets the most anxious at night, so I routinely lay with him at bedtime and we always talk a little bit, usually about anything that is on his mind. 

Last nights topic:  Pain.  And babies.

He asked, "Momma?  What is the worst pain you felt as an adult?"

My response was, "Probably the birth of you and your sister.  It hurt a lot, but it was so worth it!"

I could tell he was thinking about this, and because he was older (ripe old age of 4) when his sister was born, he has a pretty good understanding of how babies are born.  Therefore, I knew this is what he was thinking about, so I used it as an opportunity to ask:  "You do know how babies are born, right?"

This made him erupt into a fit of giggles, and he replied, "Yeah!  From your WINKY!"  Oh, dear.  Okay, so maybe he didn't get it as much as I thought, so I corrected him using the proper female anatomy term.  He responded to THAT with, "Oh, yeah.  That."  So then he says:  "I bet it didn't hurt THAT bad.  Winkies have little holes.  Girls have BIG holes."  Such a doll.  Such. a. doll.

So the proper mom/nurse in me laughed at that was freaking FUNNY!  But then my laughter ended.  Because then he said, "Momma?  Why did your belly get so big?"  So I said to him, "Remember seeing your sister right after she was born?  Remember how big she was?  Well, that was the size she was IN my belly, so my belly had to grow to allow for HER to grow."

His response? "Momma, I'm not talking about that.  Why is your belly so big NOW?  There's no baby in it."

My response? "Go to sleep."

Out of the mouths of freakin' babes.

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Sherry's weight loss journey said...

LOL!!! Seriously out of the mouths of babes is right!!! Tell him it wont be big for long :-)