Monday, February 6, 2012

I frequently tell people that I am not a crier.  I hate to cry, even when I am alone.  If I cry in front of someone, I always say it's an indication that I am really, really upset.

I think I can now officially retract that statement.  I am a crier.  And I am proud of it.  Or something.

Ever since the day I got the dreaded phone call about my sister, I have realized that I am constantly on edge.  Even when I feel okay, I'm always a little extra cautious.  A little extra nervous.  A little bit quicker to get scared and to cry.  To panic and worry.

Today was no exception.  Mondays at work are super busy.  We had a full day of patients, along with all the patients at home, who rely on the nurses via phone to be there for them.  I love the pace because the day flies by.

But then you get a call.  The message is from your child's teacher, saying your child has been hurt, and asking if someone can come get him.  I panic.  My heart is in my throat.  I don't like this kind of call!  I need my son.  I need to leave.  Can I just leave work?  What the heck do I do?

First thing I did was call my boss to let her know.  She is wonderful and as a mother herself, told me to do what I had to do...which was be with Ethan.  The school had also called Jay, who was on his way.  I called my mom, who ALSO left work to get him, since she was a lot closer than Jay was.

Turns out, a child bit my son.  It was through his winter coat, thank God, so there was no broken skin, just a lot of redness, swelling, and bruising.  The swelling concerned the teacher and she felt it was very important that he be taken to the doctor.  Fortunately, they iced it for him, and by the time my mom and Jay got to him, we could see it likely was not doctor-worthy at this point, but they still took him home.

I don't know if I will ever get used to that.  I'm just thankful for all of those people in my life who get it.  Who get me.  Who jump to help, even though their lives are just as busy, if not, busier.  I am thankful for wonderful friends and co-workers who listen and help me compose myself and keep moving.

Ethan is fine.  It was a minor incident.  His arm is sore, but he is acting totally fine otherwise. 

My name is Laura Kowalski, and I am overly emotional, sensitive, and constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  The first step is admitting it, right?

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