Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Twilight obsessed

It's true. I am obsessed with Twilight. I loved books 1 and 2 the best, but I have read them all. And...(hangs head in shame)...I have seen the movie TWICE in the theater and I would totally be up for going again. Anyone?? I haven't seen a movie more than once at the theatre since my sister and I saw Wayne's World at Showboat 6 times back when THAT was the hot new movie. The characters in the movie are almost exactly as I had them pictured in my mind. Bella especially. Even Edward. Oooooooooooh Edward. He looks crazy on all the shows he has been on, but let me assure you, he is absolutely delicious in the movie. Like, heart stopping, melt into a big puddle delicious. Especially at the end of the movie. Ballet studio and prom...sigh! Again...anyone wanna go see it??? :)

Ethan is getting over cold number 4,000 since school started. It really doesn't make sense to me because it's not like this is his first time being around a big group of kids. He's been in church sunday school since he was very young, and he has done the daycare thing for forever. He has never been this consistently sick. He is also on his second ear ache in a month. Not good. He needs a boost in immunity! Otherwise, he is doing SO good. He still loves school. Tomorrow is his "star day" where he gets to be the leader. He also gets to bring a special guest with him. He didn't even have to think about it before he decided he wanted to take Meema (my mom). Both are equally excited.

This weekend my mom, sister, and I leave for Chicago. I am REALLY excited. It's going to be different than what we usually do, but I think it'll be really fun. I am also excited about having 5 days off of work in a row.

After another unsuccessful cycle of trying to get pregnant, I am now charting. I've heard about charting for forever, but never really paid much attention to it. I never had to! It took me like 6 weeks to get pregnant with Ethan. I am on month 14 now. Ridiculous. So yeah. I bought a basal body thermometer and I am following the instructions insanely carefully. You are supposed to take your temperature FIRST THING in the morning. Like, before you even get out of bed, sit up, anything. I always make sure the thermometer is on my nightstand before I go to bed. I've only done it 4 times this cycle so far, and twice now I have fallen back asleep with the dumb thing in my mouth. And another time I laid there for forever in the dark, being super still, waiting for it to beep on ly to find out I never turned it on. I had a feeling that may have been the problem, but I couldn't get out of bed to turn the light on! So instead I inched close to the window and used the light of the moon to see if it was on. This better work.

Okay, that's all. Gotta get ready for work. Ethan is a master at the Wii now, so that's all he wants to do lately. It's actually really impressive watching him play.

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8th Grade Global Warmers said...

Your memory is insane. I do not remember seeing Wayne's World in the theater that many times... how ridiculous! But I believe you.

G and I are loving the Wii a bit too much. We own 7 games now. Oh, and my forearms are a bit sore.