Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chores and exercises

Ethan has been taking commercials WAY too literally lately. Like just now he told me we needed to save money for some egg nog. And earlier he said that Target was the place to be on Christmas Eve. What??

Earlier today I was SO mad at him. He was making our morning extremely chaotic. He was just being all around difficult. At one point he said tearfully "You are being so mad to me!" and I started with "Yes! Because you haven't listened to a word I said, you won't get dressed..." and he cut me off short and said "I didn't ask WHY! I just said you were being mad!" Despite my anger, I had to laugh. kid.

He had an ear ache the week before Halloween. I took him to his doctor and got him on Amoxicillin. I never did the recheck 2 weeks later. Bad mommy! Then he got another ear ache the day after Thanksgiving. Got him antibiotics again. I did do the recheck this time and find out that his ear is STILL infected and "full of fluid". Ooooh boy. He is now on a stronger antibiotic and he goes back December 23. I pray that it is cleared up. He has been so healthy for so long, we don't need to go this route now!

And last...after this mornings poor behavior, this evening he comes up to me and asks if he can do "chores and exercises". I asked him why, and he said he needs to show Santa that he's a good boy. I didn't TELL him to do any chores, but this boy can clean! He did such a good job! He still wanted to do exercises (I have no idea where he got that part from...) but we ran out of time so he said he'll do that in the morning. Oookay!

That's all for tonight.

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