Monday, December 29, 2008

The last 4 days in a nutshell

I am on day 4 of 5 days off in a row and it. is. heavenly. I am seriously enjoying it WAY more than I should! I really needed it, though. Burn out at my job happens FAST and I was just working way too many days in a row for the past few weeks. I was spent! I am actually looking forward to going back and I even contemplated working tomorrow even though technically I am off, but I am able to talk myself off THAT ledge really quick.

We have had a wonderful time as a family. Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year. I absolutely love it. I love going to church on that day, and I really love going back to my parents house for snacks and presents. I have always loved that day. When we got home, we got Ethan to bed and tried out our new Wii Fit. I am overweight and Jay is obese and our Mii's were gigantic after it calculated our BMI and weight. We laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes. Christmas day was wonderful, amazing, and everything in between. We opened presents at home, just the three of us, then we all got dressed and headed to Newport to eat a really early dinner at Jay's Grandma's house. It was fun and delicious. Unfortunately I had to work that afternoon, but it was okay. Ethan just wanted to go home anyways, so it worked out good.

Friday my sister in law came into town with her family. We spent the entire day at my in-laws house, just relaxing, socializing, and eating. It was really fun and Ethan was really good. I was looking forward to this day for a while.

Saturday we did nothing. Sunday we had lunch at my parents and Jay watched a ton of football. Even I, the biggest non-football fan in the world, hung my head in shame when the Lions lost.

Today Jay and I were determined to get Ethan out of the house. We were lazy in the morning and then headed out to lunch at Red Robin. Ethan was absolutely adorable. They were playing 50's music and Ethan couldn't stop dancing. He ate really good, too, which for him is a big thing. Afterwards, we visited Jay's Grandma at the nursing home. It was sad. Jay and I just kept looking at each other. She has changed so much since we last saw her and it made me realize that we absolutely NEED to get over there more often. She is slowly slipping away. She had a very glazed look in her eyes. She just seemed very distant. She didn't know who we were and she couldn't keep her eyes open for nothing. Here on out, I vow to make it out there at least once a week. No excuses. After we left there, we went to Funtastic and had a great time. Ethan had so much fun. There was one little boy that tried to push Ethan down. It literally broke his heart. The whole way home, Ethan had the saddest look on his face. Jay kept reminding him that not all children are nice, and if you encounter a child who is mean, just stay away from him. Ethan kept pouting, so we just drove along in silence. Finally he spoke up and said "That's it! Next week, I am going to play a trick on him."

That's all for now. We're home for the evening and my pajama pants are calling my name.

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