Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Definitely NOT a chef. Where it says one pinch of salt and two teaspoons of vanilla, I put in a pinch of vanilla (yes! you can pinch vanilla...try it sometime) and two teaspoons of salt. Needless to say, have LOTS of water on hand when eating any christmas cookies that I make.

Ethan is wiser beyond his years. Like the time he saw a toy he wanted on a commercial and I old him Santa might bring that to him. He said to me "NO, mom, that toy is at Toys R Us!"

Then today we were driving and Toys R Us was coming up and he asked if we could go. I told him no because Christmas was next week. He said "but look! there are cars everywhere over there! we CAN go!"

Seriously kid, make this a touch easier for me, will ya?

In other news...he is just being his sweet, lovey self, and I soak up every minute of it. We were out shopping at a bookstore and he kept picking up these novels for him to read. I kept telling him those were for adults and I'd show him a picture book. He'd get all offended and insist he needed a novel. Uh. No. I am not spending money on some book that I can't read to you, and even I won't understand! I just wont! So I finally got him settled on this young readers book about Igor the...I don't know what he is. His name is Igor. Anyhow, this whole "need a novel NOW" mentality came after him seeing me read the vampire books...he wanted to read something good, too! So now we have, and I will introduce the name of the book as Ethan has been doing so to anyone who will listen "iPod the vampire book". If you correct him and say Igor, he will go right back to saying iPod.

Whatever works, right?

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