Sunday, December 21, 2008

So! After last nights little debacle, things are smooth sailing in the K household. Ethan apologized more than ever and I KNOW he meant it. He has been a doll all day. I think we are past that little moment of evil. For now, anyway. I'm not putting my guard down yet.

I learned a few things, though! For one, my son can pack a mean punch. My jaw agrees.
Imagine getting punched in the face by a 4 year old. Now imagine by a 13 year old. 20? You get the idea. In other words, that was his first and last punch to the noggin in his life. And I am so thankful he got it out of his system.
I learned that you have to follow through. If we say no presents, that means no presents. Don't give me your sweet, Jerry McGuire kid face, because you KNOW that always works and don't expect anything anymore! It's D-O-N-E. And I will promise to not make your punishments to has to be within reason.
Clothing is never an option. I see you like to strip naked when you are REALLY mad. Just so you know, no matter how many times you try this, we will ALWAYS make you get dressed. It's nonnegotiable. Stop trying.
The excuse "I'm tired" when you want to get out of doing something will NEVER fly. I tried it at work today, actually. I said I was too tired to check out all my patients. Wanna know what happened to me? Someone laughed in my face and said "room 631 needs you now. there is blood everywhere." So I got real made and took off all my clothes. Wanna know what happened THEN? I cleaned up blood NAKED! Okay, so I embellished a bit. But get the idea, Ethan-face?

And last...I love you so much. Painfully much. You are my life, my world, my everything. When you acted like that, you hurt me in the worst possible way. That's not now I treat you and it won't be how you treat me. We are a family and a family loves one another.

So get some practice on this boy, because there will be no repeats.

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