Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tuesday is the day.  Do you celebrate it?  Celebrate that although something huge, life-changing and tragic happened, but she survived?  Do you mourn it?  The last few moments before we knew what was going to happen.  Do we act like it's just any other day and not make any big deal out of it?  What DO you do? 

I can say with zero doubt in my mind that that day was the worst day of my life.  Ever.  I had very low, rock bottom, depressed days for many weeks after, but the INITIAL finding out what was going on was the WORST.  There's no way I can shrug it off like any other day.

Leslie didn't mind being alone for the first part, but as the day is drawing near, she is changing her mind.  I am off that day, so I'm thinking after we take Ethan to school, we will head out to the Henry Ford Estate where the wedding we were both in the day before she collapsed was held.  We will go there, reminisce, take pictures, and just thank God for what we have.  Then we will likely do lunch somewhere downtown Dearborn.

Love you, Les!

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