Friday, September 16, 2011

I've had a nagging thought on my mind lately.  It's been discussed before, so it's not a new revelation or anything, but lately it's bothering me more than usual.

A couple months before my sister collapsed, she was complaining of sharp pains when she'd take a deep breath.  She said it was worse when she was laying down and it was painful enough that she didn't want to take deep breaths.

I encouraged her to go to the doctor, because the nurse in me was thinking it could possibly be a pulmonary embolism (clot in her lung).  Of course, how often do normally healthy 29 year olds get a PE?  Probably not often, but my motto is always better safe than sorry.  She made an appointment, and saw the physicians assistant.  After explaining her symptoms, the PA sent her for a chest x-ray.  I think she was assuming broken ribs.  When the x-ray came back normal but Leslie was still having pain, the PA told her to "take Motrin."  I remember Leslie telling me this, and I remember thinking "Huh?"  Wouldn't you want to get to the bottom of why she is having severe pain?

What if it WAS a pulmonary embolism, just sitting there waiting to make it's move.  Literally.  We will never know. 

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