Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I have a "what would you do" question for anyone that would like to share.

Tiny bit of background:  I am a Christian.  I believe in helping others, especially when it is clear they are struggling.

The story:  After I came home from dropping Ethan off at school, I realized we forgot to send his library book back which was due today, so I turned right back around to take it to him.
Afterwards, I decided I'd go through the McDonald's drive-thru for a super healthy breakfast for me and the girl.  As we were approaching the window, a woman started walking towards my car.  Her clothes were kind of rough looking, she had a hood on, and the first thing I noticed about her was she seemed "off".  Maybe drugs?  Drinking?  Not sure, but that was my first impression.  Anyhow, she approaches my window and states that she just got out of the hospital (she showed me her bracelet) and got jumped last night by someone who "wanted to poke out her eyeballs" (I can't make this stuff up, folks!) and now she was out of gas and needed money to get home.  I asked her if she called the police.  She said yes, they caught the attempted eye ball snatcher.  But now she was stranded in a McDonald's parking lot.  She gestured over to her van, where an equally rough looking woman was in the drivers seat.

I literally had $7 cash in my wallet, which I intended to use on my super healthy breakfast with my daughter.  I lied, apologized, and told her I didn't have any cash, then I wished her well, told her to take care, and drove away.

Then I felt uber guilty.  I had other means of giving her money.  Would $10 really have hurt?  I feel like I missed a good opportunity to give.  Who knows if her story was true or not (her eyeballs were perfectly intact, with no signs of attempted removal) but she didn't look like she had a very easy life.

Would you have given her money?  If not, why? 


Marti said...

That's a hard one. I've been told not to give money in situations such as the one you described, but I know I would feel like I wanted to. If she was on drugs, I guess she would have used the money for more drugs? Don't feel bad. She really could get help from a church nearby or ask someone to call someone for her. Oh, life's challenges and decisions.

Anonymous said...

About a month ago, I went to Little Ceasers to pick up a $5 pizza for mom and the kids. While I was in there, a young boy came in with $2 wanting to buy 2 slices. They informed him they did not sell by the slice. As I was getting back in my truck, I heard his mom say she did not have anymore money, and she was rummaging through her purse looking. I went back inside, bought another pizza, and handed it to her son. She hollered that she did not need my charity, so her son tearfully handed me the Pizza back. I apoligized and laid the pizza down on the curb and drove off. As I was leaving, I saw her son hop out of the car and pick up the pizza. You didn't do anything wrong yesterday, you didn't have the money, and her story did stink.


Amy said...

I wouldn't have given her money either. That story sounds fishy to me. It's so hard to know though. But for your own safety, you did the right thing.

tinleydaniel said...

Working in the WSU I've seen this story a million times, I just ran out of gas I need to feed my kids I just got out of the many lies to con people out of the few dollars they have. Don't feel guilty, if she really just got out of the hospital I'm sure she could have went back there for 'help.' People pull at people's heart strings with their 'needs' when they may just be trying to get a fix for whatever addiction they may have. Once you make eye're caught :(