Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2010, my best friend of many, many years got married.  My sister and I had the honor of standing up in her wedding as bridesmaids.

It was a beautiful September day.  That morning, Leslie picked me up to head over to Kristen's parents house to have our hair done.  I texted Leslie just as she left her house and asked if she'd stop and pick me up a pop and some gum.  She said she would.

We spent the morning with Kristen and some other friends, having our hair done, snacking on fresh fruit, and making small talk. 

The ceremony was beautiful.  It was at the Henry Ford Estate in the rose garden.  Picture perfect.  After the ceremony, Leslie and I drove home to pick up our husbands, and then we headed to Old Chicago for some drinks and appetizers, just the four of us.  On our way out, we snapped a quick picture, then headed to the reception.

The reception was a lot of fun.   We had a couple of drinks and socialized.  At around 10 PM, I hitched a ride with Leslie and her husband.  He drove and I sat behind the passenger seat, taking bobby pins out of her hair.  As they dropped me off at my house, I remember yelling to her to use lots of conditioner in her hair... and I went home.

Strangely, I left my cell phone in Leslie's purse that night.  In a way, I am so thankful that I did, because it was the reason she e-mailed me the morning of September 20 to let me know she left it between her side door at her house, and to let me know she wasn't feeling too great that day. 

That day was so perfect and those memories will likely always remain fresh on my mind.  I remember when I got the news that Leslie was in critical condition, I called Kristen sobbing, and telling her how thankful I was for being in her wedding with Leslie, because we got to spend the ENTIRE day together. 

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