Friday, December 9, 2011

So tonight, as I was browsing the internet (who, ME?!), I came across a link about a man named Chris Medina.  He auditioned on American Idol.

I don't really watch American Idol, so this was the first I  had heard of him and his story.  He was engaged to be married to a beautiful girl named Juliana.  In October 2009, Juli was in a terrible car accident, which resulted in a traumatic brain injury.

This type of brain injury is different from Leslie's.  Leslie has an anoxic brain injury (meaning her brain was damaged due to lack of oxygen).  It's pretty clear that Juliana's physical injuries are way more severe than Leslie's, but regardless, the story is similar in that it involves two young, beautiful girls that had their whole lives ahead of them when it was all disrupted.  Taken away?  No.  But definitely disrupted.

It just makes me again ask WHY. 

You must search on Chris Medina and watch him sing.  Grab a box of Kleenex first, though.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

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