Sunday, December 25, 2011

The lights are all out, except the glow of the TV that is playing reruns, and the twinkling of the lights on the tree.  The soft (okay, not really that soft, but roaring would totally ruin my attempt at making this sound serene) sound of the dishwasher is whirring away in the kitchen.  Both kids are snuggled all in bed.  I love the holidays!

Today was wonderful.  Both kids slept until around 8.  Allison was very gentle and slow with opening her gifts.  She savored the moment, I suppose you could say.  Ethan went much faster, but every present he opened, he told us how "he was REALLY hoping he would get this!" which made me smile every time.

Once the gifts were open, Jay and I scrambled to at least make a pathway through the living room while the kids explored their new toys. 

Around 1, we made the drive to Newport for dinner at Jay's Grandma's.  This has been our Christmas day tradition since back when Jay and I were just dating.  By the time we got there, Ethan had settled in with some of his new DS games, and Allison promptly declared that she was tired and ready to go.

I hate to say that we pretty much ate and left but....we pretty much ate and left.  The kids were so tired!  We got home around 4 and spent some time with Jay's parents, which meant MORE presents!

Once everything was opened, we all sort of looked around the room at ALL of the toys (from my parents and sister, Santa, and grandparents) and realized.....we are beyond blessed.  Sickeningly blessed.  Can I say that?  That sounds strange.  But it's true.  Sickenly blessed.  Oxymoron.  The toys were literally stacked in piles because there was simply no room.  It gave me a quick moment to (again) remind Ethan that he was a very lucky child, and there were children right that very moment that had NOTHING.  Not even heat to keep their toes warm.  Their bellies were empty and growling while we were all moaning from being overstuffed.  Sickenly blessed.

2012 is a new year.  New beginnings.  I have already started a little mini-version of accomplishments for the year (no, nothing like lose 20 pounds and eat healthy...that won't happen) but little home improvement type things that we always SAY we are going to do, but we never actually do.  I've said it before, both on here and in person, but my 2012 motto is: give more, take less.  And I fully, fully, FULLY intend to do that. 

If I maintain a handful of faithful readers, you can hold me accountable, okay? :)

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