Wednesday, November 9, 2011

God grant me the patience...

Let me tell you a little story.

Two days ago, I took my 7 year old to the eye clinic to pick out his glasses.  The children's selection was very much aimed at suckering in children.  Like, for instance, having a giant display featuring Spongebob, complete with glasses that had a tiny little Spongebob sticker in the corner of the lens.  My 7 year old was like flies on honey...he HAD to have them.  And OF COURSE the Spongebob glasses were more expensive than the other, generic types.  I kept telling him, the Spongebob face on the lens was JUST a sticker, and that they were not on the actual glasses (I bet you see where this is going).  I pulled multiple frames for him to try on.  Yes, I let him try on the Spongebob ones, but he also tried on others.  In the end, I allowed him to get the Spongebob brand, because I know how he can be, and I wanted him to actually wear the glasses.  Throughout this whole "trying on" process, I probably reminded him roughly 1,000,000 times that the sticker would NOT be on the actual glasses when we picked them up. 

Today we picked them up.  He immediately noticed there was no sign of Spongebob.  He gave me the death glare.  I shrugged and again gently reminded him of what I told him a couple days ago.  I told him how nice he looked, and he sulked his way out of the clinic.

On the drive home, he continued to sulk.  I kept my cool.  I hear a little "click".  Oh yes, he did.  He broke them.  Right in half. 

Angry is an understatement.

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