Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank goodness I am off tomorrow! I had a patient today who had an echocardiogram done. A large clot was found IN her heart. This lady was a heart attack just waiting to happen. I got ahold of the doctor and got her transferred to the unit. The cardiologist comes up and says "Why did you transfer her? She has been stable all this time and so far nothing has happened." Say whaaaaaaat?? I'm just so thankful that she IS okay.

Ethan got to feel Baby K kick today and he thought it was super cool. He asked me today if the baby will know how to play Mario Kart. I told him not right away. He said he'd teach the baby, cause it's not that hard. I have a feeling someone is going to be a tad disappointed when the baby is born. I won't name any names :)

Good night!

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