Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I really should be worried about this swine flu. I know I should. Buuuuuut...I'm not. In fact, almost everyone I work with isn't worried, either. Maybe that's what happens when you are faced every day of the week with crazy contagious illnesses. We "joke" how we technically should all be in isolation, because we are CERTAIN we all have MRSA. Do you know how many people have MRSA and they don't even know it? MRSA is scary! It can be deadly! I'm pregnant, for pete's sake, and I have been exposed to illnesses and treatments that I should never be around. It's never intentional, but that's what happens when you work on a cancer floor. Or just plain in a hospital! Chemo, radiation, shingles, c. diff., scabies, MRSA, pneumonia, you name it. It just doesn't scare me. The only time I get a bit concerned is thinking of Ethan getting sick. But then when you think of it, I get worried when I take him to the doctor, I get worried thinking about him going to Kindergarten, I get worried thinking about him not eating at school next year when he goes all day. It's in my mommy blood to worry about that child, so I don't think it's all that unusual.

We have had some people show concern about our trip to Mexico. As of right now, we aren't cancelling. We're not crazy, we're just not falling for the hype. I'm not saying we will for SURE be going. Things can change and we are watching the news and other sources of media. The place we are going is an all-inclusive resort. We will not (and never planned on) leaving the resort. And think about it...when we're there, we'll be surrounded by Americans! I think we're playing it smart right now. I will talk to my OB about it. She's already aware because I mentioned it to her from the get-go. I will also meet with Ethan's pediatrician sometime in May to talk to her. If they advise us not to go, we likely won't. Jay and I are already thinking up back-up plans, though, so regardless, our vacation plans will not be ruined.

In other news...last night at work was good. Until my patient accused me of stealing her pen. I let her borrow my pen so she could fill out some paperwork. It's a REALLY good pen I just bought it a few weeks ago. When I went to get it back, she said " think this is mine. Remember when you borrowed it from me?" I gently slid it from her fingers and said "I am certain this pen is mine, but if you'd like, I can find another pen for you to use." The quote of the night last night was when a few nurses were standing around a chart, trying to figure out what a doctor wrote. It was some word amongst a bunch of labs: CBC, BUN, creat, Mg, Phos, SOMETHING, lytes in AM. We asked a doctor who happened to be on the floor what he thought it said and his suggestion was "whore". When we looked closer, it DID look like whore! We were joking about the lab results: WBC 11.0, BUN 6, Creat. 2.0, whore +. You had to be there. I think it's a requirement to write terrible if you are a doctor. It's bad.

Ethan is doing wonderful at school. His preschool graduation is approaching and I am so excited. He only has about 13 days left of preschool because they have some days off. He's happy about this. He loves to be home. I just can't believe that when preschool ends, he will be a Kindergartener! Where does the time go??

I'm off to make Ethan some chicken nuggets and get ready for another night at work.

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