Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So tonight at work, as soon as I got on the floor, I had a family member of a patient call me into the room. I hadn't even gotten report yet, but that's no big deal. I don't mind helping out. The family member told me the patient needed to use the restroom. I asked the family member if the patient was steady on her feet, so I would know if I could get her to the bathroom on my own or if a bedpan was a better idea. Wanna know what she said to me?? "OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO INCOMPETENT! I NEED THE HEAD NURSE TO REPORT THIS." Wanna know an excellent way to make someone so angry even MORE mad?? If you smile sweetly at them, kind of cock your head as if to silently say "are you KIDDING me??" Oooooh she hated that. So I turn to the patient and tell her that for now, I was going to leave her in bed, because she had a foley in place (catheter) and that it automatically empties her bladder. Wanna know what my little cupcake of a family member thought of that? "DO YOU HONESTLY THINK SHE KNOWS WHAT A FOLEY IS?? WHY DO YOU HAVE TO CALL IT THAT?" What do you WANT me to call it?? Bladder tube? Urine drain-er? At this point, I had TOTALLY tuned out this ballistic piece of work, just in time to hear the patient say "She's crazy."

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~Amber~ said...

What in the hell??? Someone must have pissed in her hospital food. Nice.