Monday, April 13, 2009

I had my ultrasound today! It was amazing, as I knew it would be. My mom, sister, and Ethan went with me. Jay couldn't go. He has to save his days off for Mexico and when the baby is born. His job doesn't allow him to just go in late. Either he goes in on time, or he doesn't go at all. Also, he was so afraid the sex of the baby would be super obvious, and he absolutely does not want to know.

It was awesome! We saw the baby's head and belly. The tiny little feet, although the picture of the foot looks huge! We also saw the hands, heart, brain, and umbilical cord. To ME everything looked great, but my doctor won't get the official report until later in the week. I could watch the ultrasound all day long if I were able. At one point the tech had both feet on the screen and they were just kicking all around. We also saw the baby's hands up by the face a lot. It's so amazing to me, and it makes me REALLY excited for September! Tonight I am going SHOPPING!! :)

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