Thursday, April 30, 2009

I love names with meaning. When we picked Ethan's name, his first name was just because we liked it, but his middle name is the same as his daddy's, my dad's, and Jay's dad.

With this baby, the names we have picked out are Evan Jack for a boy and Allison Jaye for a girl. For Evan, it's pretty much the only boy name we both agreed on. Jack would be after Jay's grandpa who passed away several years ago from a brain tumor. It was one of the saddest losses in both of our lives. He was an amazing man, and we both know he would have adored Ethan. I can totally see him wanting to spend time with Ethan, and sharing Ethan's love for building things and using tools.

Allison Jaye has special meaning, too. Jaye is a given. There is a woman at my church that I met through volunteering in the two year old room. Her name is Jaye. I have never heard that name on a female before. When I mentioned using it as a middle name if we have a girl, Jay was hooked. Allison is a name I fell in love with about 4 years ago. It's obvious from other posts that I get really wrapped up in other childrens blogs. I check them daily. My first "baby" was a child named Allie. I was hooked on this child. I cried when she died. I did Light the Night for a few years in her honor and memory. Here's her story. I don't think I'll ever forget her. Click on the side where it says Allie's Story and you can read the entire blog. Her journey is amazing and heartbreaking, all in one. I still somehow come across other children, usually just by accident, and while I get attached to them, too, I don't think I'll ever get as "close" to another story as I did hers.

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