Monday, October 11, 2010

Sweet Leslie! She is doing well! I encourage people to visit her. I know a lot of people wonder if they should or not...well the answer is yes! Go see her! She may not recognize you or remember you, but that just gives you the opportunity to hopefully make some connections in that brain of hers to help get her memory back quicker. Go, go, go!

Tomorrow is the day we have all been waiting for. She has the defibrillator surgery! It should be tomorrow in the afternoon. No specific time yet, but think of her during this time!

I visited with her for a few hours today. She was sweet. We held hands and she referred to me as her favorite little sister. Ahem. I'm her ONLY little sister. The entire staff on her unit knows her and loves her. It's sweet to hear them check in on her to see how she is progressing. She's the little celebrity patient!

We find if you see her later in the evening when she's tired, she makes the least amount of sense and she gets real rambly. Late morning, early afternoon is her best time.

After this surgery is done, they will probably monitor her for a day or two, then she will go to the Rehab Institute of Michigan in the DMC. This is apparently a state of the art facility for brain injury rehab. She's going to the best of the best. We are so excited for her. We are ready for the next step in her recovery to try to get her back to what she was.

Go, Leslie, Go! You have SO many people wishing you good thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Keeping every good wish for the beautiful Leslie, her family, and her doctors' skill as she takes this next big step. Yes - go, Leslie, go! - - Jackie

Erin said...

Rehab Institute of Michigan is one of the best facilities, I'm so glad she is able to go there to continue healing. Is she going to the one downtown or one of their other locations?