Sunday, October 3, 2010

No big updates today.

The cardiologist I saw yesterday didn't come back in (lucky for him). I told my mom that he totally caught me off guard yesterday, but if I should happen to see him again, I am ready and I know what to expect. I respect him as a doctor and I don't have any doubt that he knows what he's doing, but I also won't let him crush our hopes for Leslie. Period.

My mom talked to his partner last night and told her we wanted to have Leslie start seeing a speech therapist. For Leslie for obvious reasons, and also with us, so we can get some tips on how to help her. My mom also asked what the cardiologist meant by Leslie having to improve neurologically before she can have any procedures done, and they just meant that Leslie would have to be able to follow basic commands, such as lay flat and still after the cardiac cath. To me, it seems like these procedures are a priority right now, so I want to ask if they can sedate her after the cath is done so she complies. We'll see.

Neurologically, there isn't much of a change. For the most part, she is pretty confused. Every now and then she will remember something, though, and it always surprises us. Our best friend Kristen came to visit, and Leslie remembered the nickname Kristen has for her, and Kristen's parents came to visit and Leslie remembered her dad's name.

My kids saw her this weekend. I took Allison up on Saturday afternoon and Leslie was perked up the minute we came into the room. She referred to her as "princess", which is a name she called her before this happened. She was very sweet with her. Ethan saw her today. She didn't seem to remember him as clearly, but when we got there, Leslie was sleeping and she always seems to be more confused when she's tired. She did remember that Ethan calls her "Sessee". Ethan really enjoyed seeing her, and wants to go back really soon. He kept trying to help her remember things. I think next time we go, we will bring her some books and have Ethan read to her.

That's about all for now.


krismo said...

Ethans poem was really sweet :)

tinleydaniel said...


I will suggest Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan it's a great facility.

Chris said...

You don't know me. My daughter is a student of your sisters. My daughter talked to her about her "baby" and brought in picture to show her of our two cockapoos. We have been praying for her. I was just informed of your blog today by the school staff. I just read your posts. My heart aches and my prayers will be even stronger now.
I don't know if this will help you, but a student in the front of the class at the time this happened told my daughter that she collapsed and slumped in her chair before she started to shake. Sounds like the heart was first?

God bless you, your family and especially your sister. I look forward to meeting her and talking to her about her "baby" as I am sure she will recover from this. Amen.
Chris Rutkey