Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here is a FAQ session!

"Can you give us general directions on how to get to the hospital to see Leslie?"

Sure! I come from Wyandotte, so I take Southfield Rd. to 75 North. I take 75 until it becomes the Lodge (M-10) and take the Lodge North. Once you are on the Lodge, you will take exit 4C which is the Milwaukee/W. Grand Blvd exit. The street the hospital is on is West Grand Blvd. so drive up to there and turn left. Then turn left into the main entrance. If you turn right, you will be doing valet parking, which is $4. If you turn left, you will do self-park which is $2.50.

Regardless of where you park, go in the main entrance (there is also the West entrance, but we aren't using that one for these directions.) Go in the main entrance and turn left, right before the gift shop. You will walk down a hallway and when you get to a sign on the right announcing the chapel. If you go just past the sign, there will be a ramp right next to 3 steps. Go up those steps, turn left, and you will see elevators. Get on any of them, and take it to the 5th floor. Once you are on the 5th floor, you will see signs. To the left is the ICU area (where Leslie USED to be) and to the right is where she is now. Walk down the hall (it slopes down) and when you get to the main desk, turn left. Her room is 511B and it's about half way down and on the right side.

Hope that helps!

Any other questions? Shoot them at me. Anything. I can handle it and I want to know what others are wondering, too. Nothing is too personal.


Anonymous said...

How are YOU doing, Laura? Holding it all, wife, sister, daughter, while trying to balance a very difficult job 36 hours a week? How do you reconcile it all? What do you do to relieve stress? Can Lemon Cake cure it all??

Anonymous said...

Wow Laura... I have to say... that is more like specific directions than general directions!!!! Keep your chin up. You are doing great!!!

Little Mama said...

Laura, reading every blog DMC is the best here. I do believe with all my heart and faith, Leslie will get there in her time. That Leslie has never been alone , it's awesome.
I believe God works through chances like this , uses them , helps others find their faith again, families grow stronger in love. Please remember , I'm right here if you need anything , anything at all

Anonymous said...

I have a question for your next FAQ. Is there an address that we can send things to Leslie? Is there a gift or item that would mean more to her or be more helpful than flowers? I'm glad that you mentioned that visitors are good. I have been wondering if she would remember me. I hope to make it out soon, but I want to send something in the meantime.

Linda Ellis said...

I am concerned about the confusion with Leslie the other night. Is this a normal thing that happens. Jerry and I would love to come see her this week. Do not want to impose though.