Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So at work we have the alcohol protocol for those who are detoxing, we have a hospice protocol for those recieving comfort about we start an obnoxious patient protocol? Good idea, no? The first part of it would be right off the bat, you become a DNR because when I give you the amount of narcotics you want, you will likely DIE, and I'm not going to waste my time doing chest compressions on you when I TOLD you you can't have that many. Oh, and you also lose your call light. Sorry, but that dinging gives me a headache and since I know I don't need morphine or dilaudid for every ache and pain, I will have to suffer through the pain. Other than that, though, all the safety measures that normally apply to those recieving narcotics will not apply to you! Yay!

In other news... Jay and I are not finding out the sex of this baby and I am already tortured by not knowing.

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anna said...

i found your blog through kayleigh's blog, i think. anyway...i think this post is HILRARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! i used to work on a neurology floor, and i completely understand what you're saying! if only we could do this.