Friday, February 27, 2009

Big updates!

The wonderful part of working with the elderly:

Me: Hello, sir! Are you having any pain right now?

Old man: Tomato soup! It was delicious!

Me: No, I am asking if you are having any pain. Do you hurt anywhere?

Old man: Sure I'll have some more!

( I have to find some tomato soup!)

I have been slacking terribly on posting. I know this. I never did this with my livejournal. I was a faithful poster, at LEAST weekly! Sorry, blog, I guess I'm just not used to you, yet.

I have found a deeply hidden love for Facebook. I am weening myself off my myspace account. There are some important people that aren't facebook-ers yet, so I can't delete it, but I won't be updating myspace anymore.

Ethan is wonderful. We had MAJOR miscommunication at school lately, but it's all settled now and everyone is very happy. We had teacher A giving me terrible reports on Ethan's behavior every. single. day. I was getting SO MAD at him, it was awful. I didn't know what to do! Then I e-mailed teacher B, who is also the lead teacher, and explained my concerns and I was told that his behavior is nothing out of the ordinary for a normal 4 year old child. Nothing he does is any different than any of the other children. They ALL have their moments, and she said he is doing just fine with correcting himself and moving on like nothing happened. I was really sad about the situation. Luckily, it's solved, and he has been doing so good.

Jay is on a 5 week layoff and I swear, if we could afford it, he'd be a stay at home dad in a heartbeat. He WANTS to stay home. He's GOOD at it. Last week was his first week off and after his FIRST time of taking Ethan to school, he had arranged a playdate with Ethan's best friend. Seriously. I've been taking Ethan to school for months, and I never did this. Jay does it once, and it's all set. We had dinner at home every night, including homemade lasagna, with homemade NOODLES. Say what? Yes! Unfortunately, my pregnant self is not allowed to eat anything with red sauce (I had this issue when pregnant with Ethan, too) so I didn't get to enjoy it.

Speaking of being pregnant. This nausea has GOT to go. I rarely actually throw up. Instead I walk around like a cat with a hairball, just randomly dry heaving every so often. It's disgusting. And it's getting old. I still haven't gained any weight, but my belly is certainly bigger! A few weeks ago I couldn't wear my regular jeans. Now I can. Strange. I take belly pictures every few weeks, though, and there are definite changes.

Work has been crazy. We had a code grey the other night. It's a terribly long story so I'll just sum it up. Picture a 350 pound guy. Naked. Angry. Throwing things. And me, trapped in the room with him and his angry, naked self. A code grey was called, all the male staff of the hospital come strutting their stuff (I swear, they love code greys) and get him in bed and put leather restraints on him. We didn't learn this part in nursing school.

We had a great day today. I love days like today, and I wish every day could be like it. First it started off with everyone sleeping in until 9. Then our bed was filled with 4 year old boy and two crazy dogs, all just loving on each other. Jay made homemade (there he goes again!) buttermilk pancakes (again, my uterus said NO to that) and we all played some Wii. Jay ran out to the bank and to get my oil changed while Ethan and I got dressed. Then we ran some errands, which included getting Jay his ankle brace, picking up my "flower of the month" from Ray Hunter, and stopping at Petsmart, where laughed until we had tears in our eyes when we found a dead fish on clearance. Jay said that he was going to take it up to the cashier and buy it and see if she noticed. You had to be there, I guess. Then we went to Texas Roadhouse, which is becoming ALL of our favorite restaurant. Came home, and have been lazy ever since. Perfect!

That's all for now.

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