Monday, April 16, 2012

Today I took my BLS refresher class.  I always hate taking it.  It's 4 miserably long hours, giving "rescue" breaths into these dummy's that don't work, and I am reminded my lack of upper body strength as I try to compress in the 30:2 ratio.  Whew!

This time was a little different, in that as I practiced, I practiced with the image in my head that someone was doing this to my sister.  Someone that was not in the medical field.  Pounding on her chest, just willing her to breath.  I've done CPR on a real person before.  I don't know how I would handle doing it to my sister, though.

This time around, the BLS class wasn't a nuisance.  4 hours?  That information could have easily been done over a couple of days so people would really grasp the concepts and feel comfortable with the AED's and that whole process.  The BLS book?  I read it for the first time ever.  That book should be right next to everyone's Bible.  And for my non-believing readers?  Let it BE your Bible.

I didn't realize how important it was until it hit me close to home.  I didn't realize that moments where you utilize this knowledge can happen at any time and any where.  My mind did drift off at one point... but it drifted off to where I could pinpoint where AED's were in various locations that I frequent.  Want to know my answer?  I HAVE NO IDEA!  I don't know where one is at Meijer.  Where the nearest one is at Bishop park.  Emergency phones?  Where are those? 

I know I say it a gazillion times but:   THIS IS WHY I WALK!  This is lifesaving stuff, and NO ONE is immune to it!  Why don't more people know about it?  That's where my heart is.  My passion.  My mission.

Last time I'll post it:  Please donate to the American Heart Association.  My site is  Please.  If my facebook statuses and blog posts aren't convincing, set aside 10 minutes.... just 10....and explore the American Heart Association website.  There are SO MANY facts, tools, and resources to start spreading the word.  Ways YOU can help.

Please.  Lives are lost when they don't have to be.  Don't wait until tragedy, heaven forbid, hits your personal life like I did.  Do it now.  Be PRO-active.

My most sincere thank you to all those who have donated so far. 

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