Thursday, April 26, 2012

I vividly remember a day many years ago.  I was quite pregnant with Ethan, and my mom, Aunt Bev, and I were doing a fundraising walk.  I just didn't feel well that day... headache, nauseous, just very blah.  My mom finally said, "Why don't you take some Tylenol?"  I did, and I felt better.  It honestly never occurred to me to take something, because I never took ANY medications.

Fast forward to 2010.  My sister gets sick.  Sleep is minimal, stress is through the roof.  I started having headaches.  Likely tension headaches.  I took Excedrin.  It worked.  Then a few months later, reality set in of our new life with Leslie, and depression hit hard and furious.  I saw my physician.  Now I had antidepressants added.  Due to my anxiety that I had since I was very young, I was having a lot of trouble sleeping, and I felt super stressed all day long.  My doctor added an anti-anxiety medication, as well as a medication for insomnia.

I went from taking NOTHING, to taking 5 pills at night for mood and sleep, and then most days I will take half of an anti-anxiety medication, as well as something for a headache, because I get them more days than not.

What. the. heck.  What happened to me?  Why I have I become so reliant on a medication to make me who I am? 

I have no clue how to get out of this routine, but I am SO determined.

It's time for ME to be back in control.

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