Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last year, the decision to be captain of a heart walk team was something that took very little thinking on my part.  Everything that happened with my sister was so fresh and raw.  It just felt right to do something pro-active.

I ended up raising WAY more than I ever anticipated.  I believe it was around $1600.00.  It felt amazing to know what could be done with that money.

This year, though?  This year is different.  The fire is still within me to fund raise and be able to donate MORE than $1600.  But I want more.  I want to do more.  Giving money is awesome and it allows for things to be put into place.  But now I want to be the person that is out there advocating for it.  How do I get started on that, I haven't a clue.  But that is my next step.

Guys, this is my PASSION.  I can never ever express how fulfilling it is to know that I might be able to prevent a family from the nightmare my family went through on September 20, 2010.  You can talk about the risk factors of heart attacks and strokes, but what about those without any of those risk factors?  There needs to be MORE!  We need to reach EVERYONE.

Thank you, to the STUDENTS who knew to respond immediately that day, as EVERY SECOND counted when she was down.

Thank you, to the teachers and principal, who lowered her to the floor and IMMEDIATELY called 911.  Thank you to the teacher who shuffled her students out of the class so protect them from the awful scene.

Thank you, to the AED and the person trained to use it, as it made her heart start beating again after two attempts.

Thank you, to the EMS workers and teachers, who put the breath of life into my sister, as well as gave her heart some extra nudging to keep the oxygen going through her veins as best as they could.

This stuff doesn't just happen.  It happens because people MAKE it happen.  It happens because people have kind, generous hearts that will donate to help fund this.  It happens because the tools are available, such as AED's and people are trained on how to use them. 

When it happened to HER, I swear, all the stars must have been aligned and I am certain that my Grandma and Grandpa's were watching over her, and whispered, "It's not her time," just as her heart started thump-thump-thumping away.  When it happened to HER, God knew that through this tragedy, amazing things would happen.  And amazing things ARE happening.  Wanna go along for the ride?

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