Thursday, April 5, 2012

He lied, and I am so disappointed in him.

Ethan is a smart little boy.  Truly, he is.  He has creativity that I have never seen in a child his age.  He has been a passionate child since he was a baby.  For him, it's all or nothing.  And that applies everywhere.  He's either happy, or REALLY mad.  He's active, or SUPER lazy.  He is stubborn as a mule and will put up resistance any time he feels like he's being forced to do something.

But he is a GOOD kid!  He's kind and so loving.  So what on earth made him decide to lie?

If you are on my Facebook, you likely know what I am talking about.  The spelling bee.

I don't know the exact way it all happened, but from what I understand, each second grade class had a spelling bee.  The top 6 out of the three 2nd grades went on to another spelling bee, which was done as an assembly in front of the school.  Ethan made it to the top 6 in his class.

The day of the assembly, Ethan informed us that he got first place.  We were SO excited from him!  Jay took him out for a celebratory Happy Meal.  We both boasted loud and proud on our Facebook statuses.  He told him we were proud.

And then the story started to fall apart.  He didn't get first.  Or second.  Or third.  He got fifth.  Does this matter to me?  Not at all!  I just like knowing that when he does something, he gives it his best effort.  You'd think maybe he was deprived of praise, but this is not true at all! 

We have caught him in small fibs here and there, and haven't done much about it.  This was his "biggest" lie, and now I know that it needs to be addressed, I'm just not totally sure how to go about it.

Anyone have suggestions? 

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