Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I got the reminder e-mail today, letting me know that the American Heart Walk is coming again this spring and asking if I wanted to do it.

It's hard, because it's not like I can say "My sister is a heart attack survivor" or "My sister is a stroke survivor".  We don't KNOW what kind of survivor she is.  Just that she is one.

In fact, when it comes to her incident, we really know very, very little.  We know her heart stopped.  We know she was pulseless and not breathing.  We know it caused an anoxic brain injury and severe seizures due to the lack of oxygen.  That's. it.

The main thing, though, is the sudden cardiac arrest.  And THAT is why I am passionate about raising money for the American Heart Association.  Not only does to help fund the medical needs to help prevent things like this from happening, such as AED's in schools (which played a role in my sister's survival) to free classes on maintaining heart health. 

The money will help prevent what happened to my sister from happening to someone else.

So get ready, friends and family.  As soon as I create the team (Heart Full of Hope), I will post it here if anyone wants to walk with us. 

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