Monday, October 17, 2011

Today was NOT a great day.  Allison was in a "I am going to live up the whole terrible 2" kind of mood...very demanding, whiney, and uncooperative.  Makes for a very, very long day.

And might I add, that the few hours after Ethan comes home from school until roughly dinner time, is forever my least favorite time of the day.  Both kids are tired and hungry.  There isn't much to do with the weather getting colder, and it's just a tense few hours.

When Jay finally walked in the door around 5, he took one look at me and knew it wasn't a good day.  He mentioned that we needed a few things from the grocery store, and offered to let me go (alone!) but I knew that would just get me into trouble (remember: I spend, spend, spend when I'm stressed) so I told him he could go.

He offered to take Allison with him, to give me a little break from the princess.  This was when my mind started churning.  On my latest Facebook post (remember the one about the area rug?), someone suggested incorporating the living room area rug into the shopping list.  So I did:

Then I got my little diva-in-training ready and gave her a little pep talk about getting Daddy to buy EVERYTHING on the list:

 Wanna know what they came home with?  Everything BUT the area rug.  I guess that means Allison needs a little more training.


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