Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ugh, I hate when she calls me crying. It just breaks my heart.

I asked her why she was crying, and if she was lonely. She said it was because she can't remember anything, and everything is so confusing. She has really vivid dreams right now, and it confuses her. She doesn't know what was a dream, and what is reality.

We talked on the phone for about a half hour. By the time we hung up, she seemed okay. Something good that I noticed was that instead of her asking questions like "Am I married? Where do I live? Where did I work?" she was saying things like "So I am married to George, right? And I live on Oak street? I'm a middle school teacher, right?" She was still asking, but she pretty much already knew.

We are going on a month and a half since this all happened. It's amazing how it all can be on my mind almost constantly, but then every now and then, my mind slips up and I will do something silly like start to dial her cell phone number to see if she wants to meet for dinner. Times like those, I get very sad, but then I remind myself that those times will come back. I am so, so fortunate. I often remember the doctor saying that the chances of her surviving were less than 10%. How amazing is it that she is doing SO well with odds like that?

She will be home at some point tomorrow. I am off next week Monday-Wednesday and she will be here with me. If anyone wants to meet up or do anything, please don't hesitate to contact me. And as always, thank you so much for the continued prayers and positive thoughts. You are all SO appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

I think we should re-introduce Leslie to the wonders of Olive Garden, endless salad w/ breadsticks, and lemon cake. I need some refreshing myself. On Monday,I have that Alaris training in the morning @ work (good grief) so I am available about 11:30! Isn't that hitting right about lunchtime?! Why,it is!! So how about it - Monday, lunch, OG, us!! It's brilliant!!!!!! - Jackie