Thursday, November 4, 2010

I remember the day, just over a month ago, when I drove up to my parents house and thought to myself, "What I would give to see my sister's car here, too." ....and today, my sister's car was there (she didn't drive, though, don't worry!)

I also remember all the times I thought, "I wish I could call my sister up and ask if she wants to meet for lunch/dinner." ...and tomorrow, we are going to lunch to celebrate her 30th birthday.

I remember the nights spent in the ICU, staring at her, thinking, "Please, just open your eyes. I miss your voice." ...and tonight, I not only heard her voice, but I heard her laugh, tell jokes, and reminisce.

I remember the night of September 20th, driving home without her, and thinking, "I can't go through the rest of my life without her. This was never supposed to happen." ...and tonight, I couldn't help but think, "We're getting a second chance."

My sister came home today. She is HOME. She will wear her pajamas instead of a hospital gown and no one will wake her up at midnight to check her blood pressure. She will wake up to see her husbands face and not someone she doesn't recognize. If she cries, it'll be US consoling her, face-to-face instead of on the phone. There was a time when we thought this day might never happen, and happened.

Make sure you tell your friends and family you love them. Be patient and notice the small things. Love your kids extra and remember that time goes by so fast, and you NEVER KNOW what might happen tomorrow. Nothing is guaranteed, and Leslie's story is proof of that.

Thank you, God, for Leslie.

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