Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Circle talk. All day long. That's all we did. Circle talk.

Circle talk is what my family calls the repeating of questions Leslie does. Today was my first day "sister-sitting" with her. She got to my house around 7:30 and I dropped her off at her house at 3 for a doctors appointment. The whole day, she kept asking the same 5 questions. Think of a CD that keeps skipping and repeating the same thing over and over...this was Leslie.

Most of the time, I would just answer the question for her. A few times I would respond with "I don't know, you tell me" ...and this really made her nervous. I would make her think about it and she always answered her own question correctly, but she still wanted me to say it.

Around 1, she said she was really hungry and wanted to go out to lunch. When we got to the restaurant, she hardly ate a thing. When we left, as soon as we got out the door, she realized she left her purse at the table, so she went back in to get it. I let her go ahead, then I followed behind her. When I got inside, I saw that she was very far away from where our table actually was. I called her over to our table, and she didn't remember sitting there. The waitress happened to be at our table, and handed her her purse. Leslie apologized to the waitress for being confused, and said "I have a brain injury." This made me so sad for her.

Yesterday she had a good day, I thought. Granted, I wasn't with her nearly as long, but we met a friend of mine for lunch, and she did great. She ate good, carried on with conversation, and just seemed to be doing well. Today was totally different.

She doesn't sleep well. She goes to bed good, but then wakes up in the middle of the night and is restless. I do think that when she is tired, she is more confused, so I'm wondering if she was just really tired today. She has an appointment with her primary doctor today, so we'll see what she says.

Some family members have decided that they want to give a benefit dinner for Leslie! We decided on December 11, since my work schedule is pretty chaotic right now. More information will come. We are in the process of finding businesses that would be interested in donating. We are looking for items and gift cards that could be raffled off. If anyone can help with this, please let me know! We will have flyers out very soon.


Susan said...

Laura please let me know. We will help to get donations as well as make some! Leslie has my email if you would please email a flyer to me. Norm and I have been reading the blog (he checks every morning for updates!)

Anonymous said...

My name is Lynnette Bosman and I taught with Leslie at Erving last year. We, as a staff, are interested in putting a basket together to raffle as well as promoting and attending a benefit. Please keep us informed and tell us what we can do. Thanks.
Remind Leslie that she is in our thoughts and prayers. Lynnette

Anonymous said...

I will bring lots of hungry people!! Let me know how else I can help. - Jackie

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, The Gudith PTO would love to make a basket to raffle off at the benefit dinner. Let us know if you need anything else...


Melissa said...


The Gudith PTO would LOVE to make a basket to raffle off at the benefit dinner for Leslie. Please let us know where and what time the dinner will take place. Please dont hesitate to call us if you need ANYTHING...734-783-5386..