Thursday, January 1, 2009

Insomnia at it's finest. Argh!

Random thoughts I had when I attempted to get to bed early:

- I need to pick up extra hours. I'm shooting for picking up 8 extra hours this week. We'll see.

-My New Year resolution? Get more organized. If there was an award for the most unorganized person ever, I would win, hands down.

-I still have that spa gift certificate! I am totally calling tomorrow to make an appointment

-We NEED to save money. But we also need a new mattress and those suckers are super expensive

-We also need a filing cabinet. Those aren't cheap, either.

-Should we stay in this house or should we put it back on the market? We'd lose money no doubt (helloooooo super expensive brand new kitchen with granite countertops), but we could also get an awesome deal on something BIG

-I'm thirsty

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