Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last year we raised $1600.00 for the American Heart Association.

This year, we raised almost $1000.00 more, bringing in a total of $2500.00.

Last year I did the fundraising myself.

This year she shared the donation link on her facebook page every so often, and even hosted a 31 gifts party, passing on the hostess gifts and putting it towards the Heart Walk.

Last year we pushed her in a wheel chair through the Walk.  She was weak, and could hardly make it through a grocery store, let alone a walk over a mile long.

This year, she walked the whole thing, at a great pace, and never complained once.

Last year I added her name to the survivors board as she sat in the stands, probably wishing she were laying on the couch instead.

This year, SHE put her name on the survivors board, went down on the field when the survivors were honored, and sported her survivor baseball cap throughout the entire walk.

Last year, she didn't talk much.  There was no such thing as holding a conversation with her.

This year, she chatted away endlessly:  with my mom and I, with my friends, with other walkers, and with my children.

The Heart Walk is over for the year, but can't you see why this is so near and dear to us?  To her?  She is amazing.  She is my hero.  I am so ridiculously proud of her and her achievements.  I love you SO MUCH, Leslie.  I know you struggle with finding what the plan is for your life, now that it has changed, but I am starting to see a sparkle in your eyes that wasn't there before.  I see things happening.  I see you making big changes.  Look how much money was raised BECAUSE OF YOU! 

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