Friday, December 10, 2010

Leslie had an appointment with her primary doctor. My mom, my 1 year old daughter, and 1 all went with her. We were quite the spectacle!

I had some concerns with Leslie's INR (a lab that measures how thin her blood is). Her blood needs to be thin due to the blood clots she had in her legs and lungs when she was in the hospital. Despite being on 10-15 mg of Coumadin per day, her blood remained thick. This made me SO nervous and didn't make sense. That is A LOT of should be working! After talking with her doctor, we realized that the multivitamin she is taking daily had enough vitamin K in it (antidote for Coumadin) that it was likely causing her blood to stay thick. We now have to go to a health food store to find a multivitamin without vitamin K in it. If we can't find that, she has to stop taking the vitamin altogether. Right now her INR is right around 1.9. Ideally her INR should be around 2.8-3, but the doctor said she would be totally fine if it got as high as 4. Blood that is too thin is better than blood that is too thick.

We also have to start challenging her more. She wants her to work on her Spanish for 30 minutes per day, and also start doing activities that challenge her. Some of you might read this and think, "Well no kidding!" because it seems so obvious to do that, but the thing is... Leslie has zero motivation. She doesn't want to do anything and is perfectly content just laying on a couch without any stimulation. If you ask her to do something or go somewhere, she will agree, but you know she is just doing it to be polite. It's hard to push her because you just want her to be comfortable. The doctor also wants her to get in about 30 minutes of exercise per day. I just wish the weather was nicer so she could take walks. The Coumadin makes her SO cold all the time, that to make her go for a walk outside, even if she was completely bundled up would be torture for her. I am going to call the high school on Monday because I know they allow Wyandotte residents to use their indoor track when school is not in session. That would be so good for her, and it's free!

Other than that, she is doing well! She is anxious to see everyone tomorrow at her benefit. See you there!

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