Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kind of a cool little fact we found out today.

Our boy name is Evan Jack. Jack is after Jay's Grandpa who passed away. Jay was VERY close with him. His real name was John, but everyone called him Jack.

Anyhow, I wanted to use the name Jack as the first name, but Jay nixed that idea. We tossed around SO many boy names and couldn't settle on any of them. We finally came up with Evan and we both liked it so it stuck.

Today I was looking in one of our baby name books and looked up the name Evan and found out that it is the Welsh form of John. Kinda weird! After finding that out, I think Evan will always be our boy name, even if this baby is a girl. We hope to have one more baby after this one is born.

I promise a "real" post soon. I want to take an updated belly shot, but I look so terrible lately, I just haven't gotten around to it.

Ethan loves my growing belly. He always wants to touch it and look at it. He thinks it's really cool. He frequently will say in a loving voice "Wow, Momma! Your belly is getting so big!" I find it sweet that he even notices.

Well today he came up to me and in the same loving tone says "Wow, Momma! Your butt is getting really big!" He wasn't trying to be silly or mean. So of course, I had to say "I know, baby!" Oh how I love that boy. And his observations.

Right now he is a sick little boy. He woke up fine. He had a GREAT day with me, and then right around 5 o'clock, he got this weird look on his face and looked so worn out. The best way Jay and I can describe it is he looked totally drugged up. We assumed he was just tired. Later we noticed his entire body was very hot. He was acting fine, just sleepy. I tried taking his temperature and it got up to 102 before he wanted me to take it out of his mouth. He got some Motrin and he put himself straight to bed. It's really pitiful and my heart just aches for him because he never ever gets sick.

Tonight Jay volunteered to sleep on the couch so Ethan and I can sleep together and I can keep an eye on him. I am praying the Motrin takes care of it. I hate seeing him like that!


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