Thursday, July 16, 2009

Five years ago today, Jay was giving me a kiss good-bye on my very teary cheek. He was getting ready to go to Las Vegas for a long weekend and I was home, quite pregnant, with our first baby. We had long discussions about the trip, and in the end, I urged him to go, but to just be available. Right before he left, I had this overwhelming feeling that he just shouldn't go. I needed him home. I knew I was being silly, because afterall, I was a first time, young mother, and they NEVER go early...

My mom stayed the night with me that night. That morning we met up together at the Wyandotte street fair. We stopped to talk to a family friend... and it happened. My water broke. By late afternoon, I was admitted to the hospital, Jay was frantically trying to get a flight home, and everything was so surreal, exciting, and scary. be continued. :)

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