Friday, May 8, 2009

We are FINALLY moving on the baby room! It's really exciting and I now realize why I procrastinated for so long. It was a TON of work! We have a beautiful nursery set. It was all bought brand new when I found out I was pregnant. The crib is being stored at my parents house, but Ethan has been using the dresser/changing table in his room all this time. To transfer all the stuff of his that was stored in the dresser (it's HUGE) to other places was extremely difficult. We have a ton of stuff and nowhere to put it. Then rearranging his room so everything would fit and not look like a storage unit was also very tricky. Oh! And the fact that the spot where his bed used to be was right next to a window. Between a 4 year old destructive boy and two crazy dogs, the mini-blinds on that window were fondly referred to as the "ghetto blinds" by Jay and I. For one, they were chronically crooked, because again, two dogs and a boy could not leave them alone. The boy and one of the dogs selectively chose certain pieces of the blind to remove, so there were gaps and holes in them. The dogs loved this, because it gave them little windows to look out of when the blinds were closed. It was hideous. I found an amazing deal on blinds yesterday at Bed Bath and Beyond and I am SO happy with them! The new rule? Ethan must never touch them. Ever. If he wants them up, he has to ask. Let's see how long this lasts.

I quickly found by the end of all that work yesterday that I absolutely positively overdid it. My sciatic nerve pain was so bad, I could hardly move. It was BAD. Thankfully I woke up today feeling okay. I forgot how much that hurt.

Pics to come later as we progress more. I can already tell that the baby room is going to be adorable.

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