Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Me: I love you more than anything in the whole entire world.

Ethan: I love you more than a big, bigantic pannycake.

(bigantic is Ethan's way of saying gigantic and he has ALWAYS said pannycake instead of pancake)

I had my OB appointment today. All is well. Ethan had to go with me. I always try to schedule it while he's in school, but he didn't have school today and it was too late for me to reschedule. He thinks the whole "going potty in a cup" is the coolest thing EVER. Blood pressure was good. Baby's heart rate was in the 160's. My OB told me I was up 9 pounds and I was cool with that. Not bad, eh? I mean, I'm 23 weeks! But then I learned that's what I gained in a MONTH and it wasn't so cool. Overall, I'm only at 14 pounds total, so I am doing a TON better then I did with Ethan's pregnancy. I am still getting the thumb's up to travel next month, so that's cool. I have an appointment the week before we leave, so I am glad about that. I go back in 4 weeks.

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