Friday, August 30, 2013

Dear Allison,

Tomorrow you turn 4.  FOUR!  I can't believe four years has gone by.  I remember the exact morning the digital pregnancy test said "pregnant".  It was Christmas morning, 2008.  I cried, and whispered to myself, "I know it's a girl."

When you were born, you were so amazingly perfect.  The first thing I said was, "Look at those cheeks!"  You were my biggest baby out of your siblings:  8 pounds, 3 ounces, and you were born 5 days before your due date.  You were so gorgeous, I couldn't get over how PRETTY you were!

You were a good baby, but you loved to be held all the time.  While your older brother, Ethan, could entertain himself for hours, you just wanted to be with someone all the time.  You loved to nap on me.  I'd sit you on my lap, facing out, and gently rub your belly as you'd sleep.  You loved that.

Now those baby days are long gone, and you have grown into a sweet, vibrant, amazing little girl.  I know how badly you would love to have sister, but I selfishly love that you are my only girl.  My only princess.

You challenge me, in good ways and bad.  You have so much fire inside of you.  You are passionate about life and you aren't afraid to show it. You are so smart, clever, and full of silliness.  You make me laugh all the time.  You are independent and you like to do things your own way, yet at the same time, you are so attached to your daddy and I, and you don't like to be apart from us long.  You have been crawling into our bed now for well over a year and as much as daddy complains, I think we have ALL grown to like the extra cuddle time with you.  I love when you sleep with me, you sleep so close to me, we share a pillow.  I call you my little sleep ninja, because you are so active in your sleep, but I love having you so close to me.

While I  hate how fast time has passed, you make me so excited to see what life will offer you.  Scratch that.  I am so excited to see what you offer life.  I know with your strong personality, you are going to go so far in life, and I am so proud of that.

Happy birthday, little petunia.  I love you so deeply.


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